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Are numbers your not-so-secret nemesis?  

You can learn to make your finances align with you instead of the other way around! 


No one really likes to talk numbers, especially entrepreneurs and abundant creators.


Got Tools?

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Access our ProfitPATH™ Business Financials Starter Kit for Entrepreneurs.


I get it—you're a creative, a thought leader, an energy-driven MACHINE. Analyzing spreadsheets isn't *exactly* what you had in mind when you decided to run a business. 


But like it or not, numbers are the language of your business 🔢 – even business that is driven by Law of Attraction. 


It's what we use to measure what we’ve manifested and think about all the wonderful options we have available to let it flow from there. 


We’ve created an entrepreneur-friendly kit complete with my time-tested and proven tools.


This kit turns numbers nightmares into powerful storytelling…the story of your business, your energy, and your abundance - no matter where you are in your financial journey. 


ProfitPATH™ Business Financials Starter Kit for Entrepreneurs.

Kit Includes:

This easy-to-use kit includes 2 essential and transformative tools for getting your business off the ground, seeing the path to everything you are attracting, and clearing the way for you finally become friends with your finances. 

  • Cash Flow Calculator (read more...)

    • By using this worksheet, you'll be able to focus on what's important: working with your budget. 

  • Credit Card Paydown (read more...)

    • ​This worksheet is designed to help you track your credit card & long term debt, while also showing where you can make extra payments for the biggest impact. 


And yes – we use these very tools for every single one of our clients!  

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