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Pam Prior has long been considered the Financial Fairy Godmother to many, and the Finance Friend in the Foxhole to others.


Take a peek at some of the money headaches she’s soothed and businesses she’s streamlined as a result of her work:

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Rosanne Austin
CEO, From Maybe to Baby

"I have a financial plan and forecast that are going to ... be sure to create a legacy for my family and charities.  Let her be your friend in the foxhole."

Alex Charfen
CEO, Charfen Holdings

"It has given me a sense of calm and understanding about what's really going on. She anticipates what I'm going to need next. She's been one step ahead of me the whole way. I don't know that I've ever been as confident with my own books as I am with Pam right now."

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Sharon Pope
Certified Master Life Coach
CEO, Sharon Pope 

"Pam makes the difficult stuff feel easy. But mostly, Pam cares about me, and she cares about my business, and that is everything when it comes to who you rely on to have your back financially."

Ernie Pavan
Co-Founder, Avalon Empowerment

"What has transpired has been truly exceptional. Pam helped us build a new and innovative business model."

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