Finance and accounting in your business may seem boring, inaccessible, or downright scary, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are important.

Pam Prior makes Finance Fun.

Pam’s speeches have provided hundreds of business owners the full set of tools and knowledge they needed to rule their business finances like the CEO Rockstars that they are.  As a speaker, she connects engagingly with audience members, showing them, with humor and compassion, how they, too, can turn their overwhelming finance challenges into their best friend.

Speaking Topics

Overcoming your shame, overwhelm, fear, and time hurdles to having confidence in your finances

It’s tempting to put aside those tasks that feel daunting. But finances don’t have to be daunting – despite firmly held beliefs. Systematically uncovering the secrets of the game, Pam shows the audience why that is so. And more importantly how to set yourself up as the winner of the business “Chutes and Ladders™” game.

Don’t be afraid; be motivated. Having entrepreneur-friendly tools for understanding your finances gives you comfort, clarity, and confidence, in place of fear, overwhelm, and frustration. Pam tells audiences how to cultivate this confidence so they multiply their energy to focus on their businesses.

Pam Prior wants you to know that financial matters in your company are nothing to be afraid of, and certainly nothing to shy away from.

In fact, with the right tools, and understanding, seeing the road ahead financially can even be fun, and definitely reassuring. You just need to know how to start!