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About Profit Concierge™ - Philosophy

Be Excellent
                            Cultivate Community

Pay It Forward
                                         Lead with "YES"

Have Fun

Be Excellent ~ Cultivate Community ~ Pay It Forward ~ Lead with "YES" ~ Have Fun

These are the values that Pam has cultivated over her 25+ years as a finance professional and CFO in Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies. And these are the same values that inspire the ground-breaking new paradigm that is the Profit Concierge™ team, training, and services for small business owners and solopreneurs.


Certain that there was a way to make finance both meaningful and fun for those of us launching new businesses, Pam developed the Profit Concierge™ methods and philosophy to support entrepreneurs with one of the more ignored aspects of business-building: finance.


Because entrepreneurs typically put off dealing with their finances, Pam interviewed hundreds of small business owners—both her own clients and the attendees of her many speeches and workshops—to learn FIRSTHAND  what sucked the most about the big "F."


During the same time period she authored the best-seller Your First CFO: The Accounting Cure for Small Business Owners (Morgan James, 2018). Then, she launched Cash Flow, a radio-show-turned-podcast where she shared her unique and relatable spin on painlessly integrating finance into the everyday lives of entrepreneurs.


Profit Concierge™ emerged from this 5-year live-tested methodology for improving the relationship between business owners and their numbers. Since we all know "Cash is King," nurturing that critical friendship between entrepreneurs and cash is Pam's  defining North Star.

Pam’s in-depth experience and relationship-focused approach will help you get rid of the grey cloud surrounding your business finances once and for all. With Profit Concierge™ as your partner, you’ll be on the PATH to greater revenue and profitability in no time with confidence, clarity, and momentum.


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